The Story   

The Land of Paradise has become overrun by the most spectacular flock of thousands of radiant birds. The only problem? All the animals of Paradise are paralyzed in awe of the sight and their song. 

No one is eating, no one is sleeping. The skies are growing darker...


The leader of the animals, Mayor Owl, decides to seek a favor from an unlikely friend to save his fellow animals and the land they call home. 


But, will it work?


    The Characters   

The Boy


An imaginative four-year old - he would rather read and listen to storybooks with his dad than watch TV or play video games. 


The Author

Barry James is a writer whose many interests and roving imagination have been drawn throughout his life to produce short stories exploring the curiosity and wonder natural to children.  He has written screenplays, poems, and manuscripts, drawn often from his experiences growing up in small-town Pennsylvania.


His debut publication is The Birds of Paradise: The Favor, a magical adventure story that began as a tale he would tell his grandson on hikes in Southern California.



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