The Characters   


The Boy


An imaginative four-year old - he would rather read and listen to storybooks

with his dad than watch TV or play video games. 


The Dad


Raising his children keeps him plenty busy, but he's always gratified to take the time to read them a bedtime story.  He gets as much from the stories as they do!

"The Birds of Paradise" is a family story that was passed down to him from his father, and grandfather before him.




The well-traveled owl's birth name is Chir-Rup.

He settled down in Paradise late in his life, after many adventures abroad, including a run in with a certain Witch.


Mr. Owl is wise and patient and was quickly named leader of the rest of the animals of Paradise who respect his experience and guidance.


The Witch


She’s said to be over 200 years old, but no one knows for sure. 
She has lived all over the world. and occasionally outside our reality.  But, now she lives alone in a mountain cave a few days flight from Paradise.

Years ago, Mayor Owl and the Witch had become acquainted  when Owl was in need of shelter and found her cave, and the witch inside, writhing with pain from an ill-prepared anti-aging potion.  Owl saved her life and she was forever in his debt.